one of a kind Zambales getaway

I’ve been to Zambales for I don’t know how many times.  Zambales has been my father’s favorite stress release haven, Subic to be exact because (on his opinion) it has the cleanest and it is the nearest ocean away from Manila just a 3 to 4 hours drive away or 2 if you drive like “immodium commercial way.”  When I started working and befriended with Franz and Imee who are from Zambales, it becomes a yearly routine for us to go to Zambales when mangoes, their one of a kind mango, start the harvest, meaning when its summer time.
We got drunk and slept under the stars of  (old) Anawangin, hike up to the lighthouse at Capones, ransack a friend house for a night, forget our names after eating Caldereta, kill time under the height of  sun over the river, surf over the flat waves, talk random things over frappucinos, rush through SCTEX after a week’s visit and did a lot of bloopers.  Zambales is surely already become my 2nd province and becomes a province to my dear friends who has no province to call their own.
But this time its different, we headed our itchy feet and calculate the noisy coins and squeeze all the make up brush (calling rocheryneth), make up kit ala makeup artist (uhmmmm cheppy), hair pins (faithie sorry), cameras and many other girly stuff, hung the gowns and pull the killer heels.  It is simply one of a kind, we’re their not to dump our feet in the salty water and kiss the sun nor to get crazy over their mangoes (although of course we bring home) but to witness my friend Imee’s life altering moment as she showcase her first legal public kiss.  Congratulations for the suede shoes Mrs. Mark Esteves!!!!

Here are some of my favorite shots.

The “blooming” bride
photo credit: crystal batac

Once in a lifetime moment…

the “lovely” bridesmaid 
photo credit: crystal batac

what a lovely shot they got here…Marela, Faithie and Pen (L-R)

the “handsome” groomsmen
photo credit: crystal batac

They are in the mood for some serious shot after being a fan of wacky shots… Mark, Mac, JT, Wens (L-R)

killer heels and the jumpshots
photo credit: crystal batac

We will not let the lens miss our jump shot even in high heels, hello! we?! excuse me!

the newly weds
photo credit: maan mapoy

It was fun doing this, may the newly weds be showered with beautiful blessings on their new life. Congrats!

“wish lantern”
best way to end the reception program
photo credit: marela bien

Lighting up lanterns is an old wedding tradition and hold a big significance especially to us Asians.  Wish lantern are said to imply good luck and prosperity. They were use as a means of sending wishes and prayers up into the sky towards the heavens where they might be heard better.  It also brings tranquility and peace to  any festivity like weddings.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Esteves

After dreaming about the dream wedding, seizing the moment, it is now time to live the dream life….. have a happy and peaceful married life!!!

special thanks to; Maan Mapoy, Crystal Batac and Marela Bien for the great shots


2 thoughts on “one of a kind Zambales getaway

  1. super saya ng trip na toh…one of the stories we will be relieving every drinking sessions..hehe

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