A summer to remember

After counting a zillion sheep and giving up the count.  Here I am running photos looking for a possible #throwbackthursday photo and ended up reliving the summer that hadn’t finish yet but missing it already.  So here is my #dramamonday meme “A summer to remember.”  This not about summer fling, haler, you know we don’t do fling.  We’re serious kind of creature.

 4 girls

2 plane rides

6 ferry rides

5 islands

4 accommodation

in 5 days

…….and zillions of photos

The idea was a product of “we think we’re getting old”, things will never be the same after this year and the sudden drift to cross somewhere in the middle eastern Asian country of one us.  And, may I add the absence of the usual travel we normally had from last year.  After ditching the usual Cebu-Bohol we came up with idea of Cebu-Dumaguete-Siquijor-Bohol-Cebu.

                                                                        “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere but to go.  Travel for travels sake.The great affair is to move.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

It not about the place but the experience, we want to see all the five places but our major concern was the experience the learnings and the discovery.  We didn’t have the usual 9-5 jobs, we have no weekend off, we are not acquainted with long weekend nor long holidays.  We are working in a stressful, destroyed body clock hospital life.  Vacation Leave are very special, well second to pay day.  Rest and respite are a must for us or else we had delivered the “I tender my resignation” piece and enjoy the unemployment world.  But, I know many had raised their eyebrows for the ferry rides and the places in a very limited time,  many of you maybe will say that we had just waste out time and money spending most of the time in the middle of the ocean hopping to places to places. But hey, who cares we travel for travels sake. My favorite part of vacation is the idle moment of knowing nothing just a the mere anticipation of finally set foot to a new place, a time when you are in the most spacious moment letting thoughts run through your senses and think things through.

“One of the great things about travel is you find out how many good, kind people there are.” -Edith Wharton

And in a place where hospitality is just a normal thing it is very easy, so easy, very effortless.  And in all 5 places we visited the many people we meet from the fast and fleeting encounter  to the people we shared stories and bottles of I don’t remember how many, to the people who lend a short smiles, they never failed us.  Filipino hospitality will never ever really fail and I’m so proud to belong.  I’m hashtagging #prouldlypinoy.  Thank you to all the Casa Miranda peepz and to Martin who offered the lost Tuna but it was redemmed, thank you.  To Matthew for a great night at Hayahay.  To the Seaview point  and Poro point ladies and gentlemen for being nice and accommodating, thank you. To all the strangers who entertain our questions regarding directions, thank you. It is really true that we should not be afraid because there are a lot of strangers who are always willing to help and willing to save you from all the distresses of your life.  Sorry for too much acknowledgement.

Looking for a nice, comfy, cheap and unforgettable stay at Siquijor call CASA MIRANDA if they have a spare room at this number  : 09059430536/09179106995


And for Camotes (laidback) island accomodation: Seaview Pension House call Ms. Ruda at this number 09057552398, the pension is located at Poro point so you have to take the Super Shuttle ferry for convenience.  The Pension is located far from the beaches but the place is cheap, quiet and somewhat like a home away from home.


Don’t forget to try the gastronomic barbecue “ala Camotes Island”


When we are doing the itinerary we find it hard looking for cheap accommodation so here’s my recommendation and just a piece of advice sometimes ditch the high end, well advertise accommodation after  all you will only sleep for less than four hours there plus the fact the you will be drunk on your stay so don’t spent too much on accommodation (just a friendly, unsolicited advice) fellow.  But is still up on you, anyway, its your vacation and its your money.

Summer will soon be over but never let every summer passed without kissing the sun.  We still have time have some summer moment, sail away to the great harbor or be a little adventurous or suicidal. After all,  “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Chinese proverb