Its been a while since I engage in a conversation with this three folks, my constant travel buds. We set the date and took some respite from our respective hectic schedule and hop for some dine and chat evening with a touch of heritage on the background. The supposed to be 6:00 pm dinner date becomes 8:00 pm, being the only one coming from Commonwealth and them all from Ortigas they made me wait for like one hour or more, which in anyway doesn’t matter to me anymore, what matter is they arrived and the dinner had pushed through. Good thing the place is cozy you’ll never get bored and eventhough the background music was popularized during my parents dating days it is so calming making my long wait bearable plus there are old magazine issue you can browse.

This is where I sat while waiting for them to arrived

sort of deja vu

long table setting

When I got there the place was quite crowded but not full so I ask the waiter for a table for four and unfortunately I didn’t find one and found myself sitting on that long table and bothers me for a reason why am I sitting on that table with those nine vacant chairs, so I decided transfer outside.  Suddenly questions pooped out and ask myself when was the last time I sat on a long table and joined in a Sunday lunch, when was the last time I attended a family reunion for a long table buffet?


There are kids roaming in and out of the place, they were I guess the owners grand children and they reminded me of the past Sunday lunch over a relatives house if not in our home, reminds of the days when all I have to worry is to how am I going finish all the food I put over my plate, of how am I going to mingle with them and how am I going to control my moods or get their attention.

old encyclopedias

Seeing that makes me wanna go back in time when wikipedia was still copying and encoding the details from the encyclopedia, back in time when they are so precious that some students needs to look for libraries for projects and term paper. I thank them for manufacturing encyclopedia for all the help it rendered and for acting as the fortress of my barbie.


That gave birth to Eva Eugenio, Claire dela Fuente, Imelda Papin and the April boys career.

reminds me of Vigan, Ilocos Sur

have the museum feel

Nice to know that despite the many hurdles this novels had gone through many copies were still preserved and I must say that copy and the one I saw in Cagayan were the most handled with care and makes me think that if the novels or the books I had read will someday be put on the museum they were the ones very much worn out.

things frozen in time

Pondering upon those antique collection, makes me realized that things may go run out of time but their preciousness remain.  They not only tell us the look of the past but also give us something to think about the past.  If only those antique pieces could talk and unfold the stories behind the written history.

looking at an old class picture, what was she thinking I don't know


The best description, it is like walking down the memory lane, it is realizing how simple the life back then, how little things could be so pleasurable and ask why we put on those complication and worsen things.  Look at the next roll of pictures.

old wedding picture of I don’t know who

the game I never learned


Knock again using your “baryas” just like the old times for some candies like the kendiment, viva candy and mikmik and uttered this words “pabili po”.  By the way the candies are for free and if you’re lucky enough and find a plastic balloons on the jar grab one because it is the most sold out and just like the old times blow away.


We were actually about to leave already after of course the photo opt that we love when two of my friends dare their selves for a game. Childhood memories wouldn’t be complete without having been won in a “sungka”, it is like gaming with lucks, minds and fun and the runway winner is none other than–Geh (the in sports attire).



Batanes yellow rice


Do you miss the taste of foods you came across with during your holiday break you don’t need to wait for another holiday off to satisfy your craving, there is a place just within the backyard place.

We love learning and we love the way how we learned things, it could be by travel, by common routines, by reading, it could be through watching movies, watching other people move their ways, it could be in so many other forms and ways but me my favorite is through conversation with impressive people.  I got home 10:30 in the evening, pave myself to that dinner/ catching up date without enough sleep actually without sleep from a night duty and still has the energy and the jive.  That is where I am most alive if not in the networks, in the socials and conversation is my favorite way of socializing and what did a got loads and loads of lessons.  You can’t experience everything at once so learn from other, learn from the past.

Dine and indulge in some conversation at ADARNA FOOD AND CULTURE located along Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. You can contact them through their telephone number (632) 9268712 or mobile number  09179618113 or email them at adarnafoodand

ADARNA FOOD AND CULTURE is owned by Beth Angsioco and Giney Villar.  It is a restaurant that celebrates Filipino culture by showcasing historical, regional and heirloom cuisine.  It is a perfect setting for functions and intimate occasions for up to 200 people.