desert in the north on the other side

Our last stop for our Ilocandia leg is the Sand Dunes in La Paz, Ilocos Norte happened last quarter of 2010.  

First post for old travels a thoughts from old days when blogging has not yet discovered me.  Enjoy reading as I bring back my thoughts from not so distant past travel.

It was November and fourth and last day at Ilocos Norte.  We woke up early to maximize time because we’re heading back to Manila 1 pm of that day.  After eating our breakfast to whereelse–Jollibee (we’re just curious if the taste differ from Manila) we navigate our feet to tricycle station to where we will be brought to La Paz.  When we get there we ask and of course bargain and mind you sport our short shorts (just kidding, the truth is we, i mean I already ran out of clothes).  I already forgot of how much the bidding ends but surely we get a good bargain ( hello! its our fourth day, if we didn’t get a good bargain, it will be “sorry La Paz but see you next time”).  Good thing and thank God we got a good bargain there.

Drum roll for the climax of the story….dan dan dadadadadan…..dan…dan…

After taking too much detour and smelling the Ilocandian breeze, after passing a bridge and after throwing all the excitement, we suddenly felt we’re getting lost.  The tricycle is (we guess) is getting lost, there are desert in the view but there was no 4×4 truck and any sand surf equipment on sight and the next thing we saw are forestry over the desert.  Before our imagination gone wild and scream for an S.O.S. we ask Manong driver if he really knows where the Sun Dunnes is…Boom! He didn’t understand us, he cannot understand tagalog and we don’t know a single ilocano word. From there we knew it that language, dialect is a major, national problem.  So, the best thing to do show off another skill my parents haven’t discovered as I was growing up–sign language by the moves.  Sadly, newly discovered skill didn’t work out.  So we have to come back down to sandy roads  and look for someone who might know the way to Sand Dunnes.  Unfortunately nobody know but they are sure we were in La Paz and unfortunately I don’t understand the conversation really and unfortunately I haven’t enrolled to a Ilokano dialect class.

Rather than fret, stamp our feet and regret that day we did the best option pull off the happy thoughts and rejoice to a new discovery–La Paz, Ilocos Norte the “undiscovered side.”


Camera Roll……


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