shout out: to the all the wonderful women

Before I hop to the other side of the Philippines and go idle for 8 days and let the special day on Sunday pass without my share for the upcoming trending topic, will do my share in advance  and let the words fly here.

To all the wonderful women who brought us into this world, who ensure that their children grow up happy, healthy, safe & strong–

Happy Mother’s Day

(drama insert)

To my ever dearest mom who once in a while staging behind me in every elementary programs, hairstyling me, styling me and cheering me even in the most awkward moment of forgetting the next step to move.

To all the ups and down, of high and low, frequent mood swings and zillions of time we misunderstood each other that after all, at the end of the day blood is thicker than water and stick to love each other unconditionally.



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