my version of 30 for 30 even after 30

Due to Crystal’s insistent dare, I’m setting up my 30 for 30 too but due to lack of assurance, will fulfill it even after 30. By the way the # 17 is just copy paste. hehehehe


  1. [ / ] Fall in love with learning, Travel Solo
  2. [    ] Fall in love with History, visit War remnants museum (Vietnam)
  3. [    ] Fall in love with temples–Angkor wat
  4. [    ] Fall in love with the waves, try Surfing
  5. [    ] Fall in love with nature underneath, got to Dive
  6. [    ] Fall in love with nature above, Sky Dive
  7. [ / ] Fall in love with my words, will Blog
  8. [    ] Fall in love with foreign words, French Lesson up to the end module
  9. [    ] Fall in love with the Peaks, Climb Mountain(Mt. Pulag, Mt. Samat, Mt. Apo)-wish me luck!
  10. [    ] Fall in love more and more with Philippines, Backpacking Panay Island
  11. [    ] Fall in love from end to end, Batanes and Jolo
  12. [    ] Fall in love from end to end, Aparri, Babuyan Island
  13. [ / ] Fall in love way up north, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Cordillera Administrative Region
  14. [    ] Fall deeply in love with Philippine Culture, Visit more museum and other old buildings
  15. [    ] Fall in love with my Altruistic view, set a Christmas Party with the street Children
  16. [    ] Fall in love with getting lost by the books, more and more
  17. [    ] Fall in love with someone, got hitch (keeping my fingers crossed for this one)hahahaha
  18. [ / ] Fall in love with something off beat, jeepney top loading, make friends with a total stranger
  19. [    ] Fall in love with my Faith and its architectural designs-visit more Churches
  20. [    ] Fall deeply in love with self discovery, dare to live independently
  21. [    ] Fall in love with more learning and self discovery, Travel foreign country alone
  22. [    ] Fall in love with all the essential people in my life, send them a Christmas Card via snail mail
  23. [    ] Fall in love with the past, cotton candy, bump car, fishball, ice cream and do other silly childhood things for one day
  24. [ / ] Fall in love, just fall in love, beach bum for one day, from sunrise to sunset
  25. [ / ] Fall in love with insanity, got drunk again like a curious 17 year old girl at the beach
  26. [    ] Fall in love, paint in a canvas and frame it
  27. [    ] Fall in love outside the comfort zone, resign from my first job and explore other career or explore other workplace
  28. [    ] Fall in love with socials, throw a 30th birthday and invite friends from elementary to employment
  29. [    ] Fall out into something worthy, sponsor a child for an education (a total stranger child)
  30. [    ] Fall crazy in love with someone and settle down (maybe I should start the St. Jude novena next Thursday, what a hopeless case)  hehehehehe, just for the finale


  • This 30 for 30 is still subject for revision.