How much is the “experience”?

a photo taken at Saigon Backpacker Hotel

I’ve heard and read a lot of stories like this many times before and I’m laughing out on how much hassle did it cost them for this kind of, (fine!) “major katangahan” and now I have my own share of tale, a tale I will never ever forget and never (promise!) commit the same mistake of (yeah I know!) “katangahan.” I swear in the name of all the gods and goddesses, from Vishnu to the apsara.

Late discovery of stupidity

It’s our fourth day already, last day in HCMC (as set on our mind set), we were walking down the streets of Pham Ngu Lao when we suddenly discovered a market where coffees are half the price more cheaper than Ben Than Market and we’re jumping out for joy because it means we can go home with lots of it and enjoy a Vietnom coffee for months after the trip. While we’re off to War Remnants museum, walking down, passing park 23 September and surviving the vietnamese everyday motorcade parade, I suddenly told them to double check our ticket if we (maybe) miss our flight and BOOM! My instinct feed me right in a super late time. Frozen while we stare at the printed pice of paper that says 1:00H and says in unison “kanina pa yung flight natin.” Then there’s the so called “adrenaline rush” that rush us back to MIMI hotel and pile up for the C.R. and immense ourselves one by one on what happened inside the comfort of what we all know comfort room. Realizing that we we’re in a big trouble we end up laughing like lost dogs, thinking out loud and bang the internet, hunt for the cheapest flight and put our hands together and (yes!) pray. It feels like 2 days had past for that 7 or 8 hours after we knew it we already bid goodbye for a hard earned money that may come a long way for another set of adventure if we only kept to our minds that there are 2 ways to tell time and MILITARY TIME is what being used by the airlines. Damn that military time. Rather than blame each other for this major mishap and regret a thing we should do that never cross our minds, we just keep telling our selves the magic word “charge to experience”.

hello girls! you missed your flight? right?
(that's my sister and cousin looking for the cheapest available flight)

and now How much did it cost us for that experience

more than the double of how much we spent to experience two countries at one time, more than twice of how much we pay for the round trip ticket. After saving so so hard, bargaining so so much, after craving to death for whip cream coated coffee this is what we get pay a …..dan…dadadaann…….10,000 pesos worth of one way ticket.

and the Moral of the story

1. There are two ways to tell time. First is the standard or 12 hour clock, the one we (Filipinos) are used to and second is by 24 hour notation, also known as the Military time or astronomical time which is the international standard notation of time. International standard notation of time that is why this is the one being used by the airlines companies, now I know. Thanks for wikipedia and for what happened. Now I know!!!

2. Check the ticket one day before not hours before and don’t just produce several copies of it, look at it and read it. Don’t just worry that you might loose a copy, worry also that there are a lot of chances that you might miss your flight.

3. Enjoy your hard earned money. When I met a Filipino and told him about what happened, after laughing out hard on us (a typical Filipino attitude), he just said enjoy the 10 k and deliver another set of laughter. It is showing tranquility and enjoying life instead of ruining a much awaited holiday just because of unintentional avoidance of circumstances. As what pen and I favorite motto says “money are supposed to be spent”. Time is indeed Gold.

one more time, always check your ticket!!!!