This little island called “isla”

When we were asked by Marela’s grandmother to where we want to give the school supplies, to “isla” which is obviously an island or to “putok Mayon” a place located at the bottom of the famous and beautiful Mayon Volcano we actually can’t decide and just leave the decision to her grandmother.  After thinking it through we decided to bring the school supplies to “putok Mayon” since they only have school their unlike in “Isla” they have two school but before the day of the school supplies giving day her grandmother “Mammy” decided to change plan and give the school goodies to “Isla”, I think  they consider our sense of adventure.

at their VIP table, yes! feeling VIP

                      ***Mrs. Amparo Bien is a former vice Mayor of Malilipot, Albay and is still active with social works even at 74.  Still very groovy and always on the go.

Fast forward to the day itself….

The Bacacay port is half an hour away from Sta. Theresa while the island is more or less 30 minutes boat ride from the port.  The “Isla” is actually San Antonio Santicon Island, one of the baranggay in the Municipality of Malilipot, Albay and is included in Luzon group of island.  An Island where beautiful and famous Mt. Mayon and another famous Mt. Isarog is overlooking, a small island hidden from the off beaten path of the tourist.  An exit and entry point of typhoons that goes in and out of our archipelago.  A place where struggles, hopes and dreams remain unchanged.

Bacacay Port

Bacacay port is the entry point to San Antonio Island and other islands like Pinamuntugan Island.  Thanks to google for all this facts, I hope I googled it right. hahahaha.  When we go to places we researched but for this we leave it all to Marela.

Then after the 30 minutes boat ride and 30 minutes of excitement and 30 minutes of thirsty thoughts we finally arrived.


boxes are coming kids

stones are a bit slippery so we take every step carefully

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a lot of smile and curious faces from the little kids

After emptying the boxes, we proceed to of course eating.  yahoo!

We are not expecting anything about the food, what ever will it be we will eat it, after all we don’t have any problem with food especially when it is free but we know its gonna be good because hello we are in Bicol, a home of good food.

The home where we will take our lunch is at the other side of the island, they are the owner of the boat we rent going there and a good friend of Marela’s family.  We are supposed to ride again a boat going there but it becomes low tide already so we decided to walk going there which is pretty far away from the school but no problem we’re very much used to walking.

Until the food were served. Charan!


Don’t ask my name, I forget it.  Lechon paksiw, adobo, veggies with crabs, tilapia, crabs and crabs.  What more could you ask for?  See the crabs are smiling.  They are all fresh.  Hayyyy…Thank You Lord!  Bless them.

Burp.  Excuse me.

After that very sumptuous lunch, a few videoke songs and after digesting everything this is what happened.

we jump for joy

This is San Antonio Island very far from the look of the  luxurious Misibis bay, not as famous as Mayon Volcano but few hours spent here are as good as the holiday we spent at CWC.  I love the people here, the kids and their genuine smile and how they appreciate the little things.  I just hope that all this kids will remain hopeful and will still hold on no matter what, they will hold on the way that this island hold on.

Travelling with a cause is travelling with not just your backpack, not just your things but things that you can share.  It is travelling beyond your reasons.  It is spending a holiday with people whose notion of holiday is vaguer than yours.  Next time you travel, travel with a little something, travel with a cause.

Special thanks to Marela and the rest of her extended family, to our friends who share their little something and those who gave us a lot of good vibes.  Thank you!