List: Changing for a better you

“people change” my friends favorite line after coming home from our trip this past week.

Everyone feels like a fresh start at times. Change is easy but knowing where to start is the hard part. Here’s a list of pointers.

1. reflect

Make a wishlist or bucketlist or a  “if you had one day to live” list. Mull over your thoughts.   Take one hour moment of reassessment, do some root cause analysis over a cup of tea. Reassess your financial status- overspending, savings, credit balance.  Prioritize things according which is much needed.  Go over the past day and review.


2. refresh

Slow down a little, avoid an overloaded life, keep a moment of giving a full attention to your breathing. Break some routine, try something new, seize the moment and appreciate all your blessings.   Relax. Everybody deserves a break. Take some moment of silence and be comfortable by hearing only your breath. calm down, inhale, exhale.


3. resolve

Always be motivated by your resolutions keep it realistic and practical. It should always come from the heart and not from the expectation those around you.  Break away from the old habit, from the not so better old you. Embrace your eccentricities, show off your kooky side.  Why not switch the introvert you to an extrovert or at least an ambivert.


4. relate

Talk it over. Don’t harbor your feelings. Give problems a chance to be fixed, acknowledge it, voice it out, express your thoughts.  Lessen the load of household chores by sharing, too much housework can be dreary and depressing.  Socialize, I mean don’t sit all day rolling your facebook and twitter timeline, go out and have fun, let strangers and friends know you.









Make some radical change on your self, lifestyle, ways. Make your better or maybe a bolder you. New hairstyle or a new point of view.  Have some fitness routine like running, boxing or swimming.  Unleash the wanderlust in you, pack your bag and run away from the hassle and bustle of the city life.  Try new things.  Give change a chance to be discovered.



weddings in 366 days

This is the year when most of the people I know is getting out in the so called “singlehood.”  We’re in marrying age they say but hello marrying age is not constant, for all I know. There will always be a suede shows available for those who really want and those who are meant for it….Sounding bitter buts that’s a fact I’m gonna live by until I haven’t found the…..ONE?!!!

I’m happy for them, really, I’m happy for them to shine in front of the altar and made their first ever legal kiss.


To Imee, Pam, Alice, Prima and Donna best wishes to all of you and your respective lucky guy!!!

Always remember that you said yes to the proposal not because of a dream wedding but of a dream life.

And oh!!! before all the weddings begin… I have my last minute advice that “if you change your mind, RUNAWAY….its not that bad at all. Lolz!

Yours truly (giving unsolicited advice),


26 on the 26th (A birthday post)

Okay, no drama here, its just my birthday no big deal.

I wanted to write a lot of things this past 2 weeks but the persistent headache had been telling me to stay away from self driven insomnia and long date with the networks. So, most of my thoughts were shared with same old pillow and the bed who had been become stranger to me. But this day beacause I have a responsibilty to throw away the gratitudes for all the sweet greetings I bang the internet instead of the dishes and press the keys again over the social networks just like the old fun days before this headache killed the sociable side of me. There it me, skyping, tweeting, chatting and emptying my thoughts.

The plan that had been residing on my mind for this day is to spend this day over the Philippine shore but sadly it didn’t happen and I put the blame on the headache. Damn it. Actually, I can’t find a perfect fit on my staggered off and I was not allowed to exchange for duties. I can’t find anyone to drag to share my birthday emotions, everyone is busy and when I finally decided to go on my own, my monthly visit came. I was left with no other choice but to stay home spend the whole day with family which are priceless, smell the melted cheese on top of macaroni and let little Mackenzie entertain me and plan the upcoming May mini reunion–book their flight (be their travel agent), brainstorm on my Aunt’s one month itinerary and so on.

Tomorrow will be my day, coffee with the “Before ever after.” To where, I don’t know yet, let that day be open ended and spontaneous and the day after that will be work day again, back to same old routine–work mode.

My 26th year on earth (deep breath.)

It is now sinking in, life is becoming more shorter now if the average life span is up to 60 years so I guess I have to be less cautious meaning lessening the worries or else I will cram when death becomes more closer. My stationary birthday wish list would just be aside from the famous good health, is a more define roles on earth. To finally know or realized what I really wanted to become, what I really want to do with my life other than sip coffee the whole day, to know where I really belong. To know who I really want, someone worth spending nine days Novena prayer. Yes, am I really saying this. Wahhhh! Anyway, I firmly believe that there will always be a suede shoes waiting until….. 2040? I just wish to discover life more, to go deeper into the details, to see a lot more of the the world. To understand why life had been spinning non-stop. I think I need to not rush things up and missed something and messed things up, to just control the traffic, remove the hindrance.

Its official, I’m 26 (inhaling it and holding my breath.)

Life was strange and cruel at times but there will always be a reserved room for us for chances and there will always be friends to come for moral support. That even if being alone can make us more vulnerable it is the best way to discover self fully. Strangers are friends we haven’t meet, smile back when someone strangely stare at you. Make tequila when the world hands you lemon and party until the night fades out. Margarita party. Sometimes a good cry can make us feel better so when you feel like crying, cry it out. When life becomes bitter, choke it up. Inhale and exhale when you’re ready.

I’m ready, I think so!

I just think so, ready or not I have to shift timeline, after all this is a blessing, a privileged blessing, exclusive to only some. Ready, yes I think I’m ready to say that I’m 26 year old, young professional, single and ready to mingle? Mingle with the world I’ve been mingling with for quite a quarter sometime.

To the memories of People Power Revolutions and my first day on Earth that are subsequently celebrating. Lets keep the memories alive, the epic fight for democracy and my first ever cry, my way of saying cheers, I was born and will be reborn again for something else.

pizza courtesy of Mark and Imee Esteves

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. –Elmore Leonard

This is how we party!

Who said conversation are boring?  Well not when you’re getting a little old and sick and tired of too much intoxication of alcohol, loud sounds and people you don’t even know.  This is how we party, wholesome.  This is how we party, calling the signs of aging.  Yes, this is how we party hard. This is how we pig out and laugh out loud.