weddings in 366 days

This is the year when most of the people I know is getting out in the so called “singlehood.”  We’re in marrying age they say but hello marrying age is not constant, for all I know. There will always be a suede shows available for those who really want and those who are meant for it….Sounding bitter buts that’s a fact I’m gonna live by until I haven’t found the…..ONE?!!!

I’m happy for them, really, I’m happy for them to shine in front of the altar and made their first ever legal kiss.


To Imee, Pam, Alice, Prima and Donna best wishes to all of you and your respective lucky guy!!!

Always remember that you said yes to the proposal not because of a dream wedding but of a dream life.

And oh!!! before all the weddings begin… I have my last minute advice that “if you change your mind, RUNAWAY….its not that bad at all. Lolz!

Yours truly (giving unsolicited advice),



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