an EKstreme lost of soul


an EKstreme lost of soul

I think I badly need to indulge myself (again) to a soul searching.  Shocks!  I can’t believe I said yes, agreed to do it. 150 drop off.  My heart drop off too and my heart lost its place and I think I left my soul 2 inches from the top of that damn EKstreme ride.  After seeing those cry babies, hear them shout like a mad man, I still am the “go” girl.  Paid the 80 pesos additional fee put myself at that near death experience chair, lock those ekk, ekk (sorry lost for words) for safety purposes, take a grip and hold my breath.  It is a make it or break it fun ride and kept  telling myself  “just a wink and its finish”.  And it did ended.  Done!  Enough for the fearless, go girl me…  It will never happen again, damn that spontaneity.  

After all…

“Life is not measured by the breath we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

those thrills are worth it, some of the best things in life that can be share.  What’s the point of waiting.  Do it while your young and free from hypertension, before those aging process develops.

And the magic lives on…

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I was so late that Sunday because before I went there, pull the kids in us, I attended first the Mass at Tondo for the feast of Sto. Nino.  The supposed to be 9am call time becomes 11am and  its because of me.  Sorry guys!

That Enchanted kingdom getaway is the price we got from getting Barbie and Ken alive dancing to the tune of Barbie Girl and All I want for Christmas is you with the special participation of Santa Clause and the Reinders in pink leggings.

Uripara-ER group

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Special Aknowledgement:
Photos: Lalaine, Marela, Shirly, Nikki
Oliver and Shirly for the itinerary and other stuff
Labfund and Lab peepz for the price
all of you for the blast, wet and wild, hearth breaking, 
adrenaline pumping Sunday
and all the Saints we called on to save us, Thank you!
my Goodness!