A eulogy for a travel companion

Its not a boy nor a girl
but its girly, hippie
strike anywhere, anytime at any cause

Its my violet, flat, “pangharabas”, (Lacoste) rubber shoes.

Yesterday morning when I’m about to leave for work, grab that shoes and excited because its Saturday meaning no HR, high ranking personnel will sneak on my shoes and discuss to me the uniform code of blah blahh. I can wear it all day till the end of duty to coffee talks.  I can work beyond the comfort of my shoes.  Suddenly, I noticed that it had gave up already.  I can no longer used it. The slit is too long to give me the comfort I need and work for me.  Also, it is very much worn out already after traveling with from home to work, working 8 hrs a day and more, after braving the floods and unexpected rain pour, and after being with me most of the time.  It now resides on its resting place and someday it might be put in a museum with a caption of my biography. Wishful thinking.  Just a bipolar thought.

Let me tell you his story.  Actually I bought it out of depression shopping.  It was sale, the credit is not working due to max out issue that I can’t comprehend.  At first, I was hesitant to buy it because it is not my personality to buy expensive things for my self, I always rely on balikbayan boxes, hand me down when it comes to expensive stuff but because I was in some state at that time, after roaming around Megamall,  thinking it thoroughly, I bought it.

You were there when I was feeling down and it was a relieve when people make notice of you and not my sadness (melodramic mode.)  You were there when I was hit by a love bug for Maira-ra point, got lost at the desert of Ilocos Norte and failed to see their renowned sundunes.  You were there when I lost my flip flop at Crystal beach beacuse I was betrayed by that whisky at left hand and San Mig at the right as my chaser, you saved me and let me change the beach fashion for the mean time,  after wondering why in the world those people (I forgot the nationality, I don’t want to sound racist) wearing their hardcore stilletos over the beach of Boracay.  You were there when we hit Baler and help me out with those pathetic mimicking.  You were there most of the time, carrying me, giving me the comfort I need in my occasional ordeal in wilderness, be it sunny or rainy.  Now you’re resting.  You will be missed.  Afterall, there are begginings and ending point in the full circle of life and we reached our memento.

I really do literally put myself into a character’s shoes.                                      —RUTH RENDELL