inside the shoe box-flipping back and forth (January-June edition, series of 2011)

inside the shoe box- flipping back and forth 

Join me as I indian sit like playing jack stone and review the events of a great two zero one one, the year that it was.

The time to begin with

JANUARY (New Years eve of 2011)

The best time to start a new even we can do it all year round anytime.  This is the time of year to reevaluate life. Figure things out, sort the important from the unnecessary and let go.  This is the time when I realized that moments of the past 2010 becomes a memory and putting too much value on it.  This is the time of the year where I just closed my eyes, put my hands together and thankful for all shaky rough roads I had surpassed, thankful for all the blessings and for the power up of confidence and strength.

A love month, my birthday month-a not so special one.


I don’t celebrate birthday just to end day banging the dishes neither Valentines because isn’t pathetic to order a coffee for one and talk to your self. So, I did the best thing to do, cuddle on my bed and date myself in wonderland.   Plus the fact that it is the month where I got my sanction, no pay checks for the next 30 days.  Suspension days, suspension blues.  This is also the month where I spent most of the days ordering 50 pesos McSaver meals and getting used to aloneness and aloofness.  The month it was.  The month of sparing away from drunken nights and promise to cut my tardiness into two per payday.  The month of partiming in a unusual Laboratory and taking respite on my Facebook Farmville.  My silvery year that slips unnoticed. 

Going back!


Before I get back to work, we made a comeback to my second province–Zambales.  Before heading to a Zambales sleepover, coffee talks at the usual Subic Starbucks, over the beach lunch and North expressway road trip, we attended first the birthday bash of a dear kachikahan who at that time is up to bid goodbye to our Philippine homeland and look for a much greener pasture.  Suspension blues ends well.  

          Hitch!                                                                                          connecting trip to cave connection


Vacation leave... Banaue Rice Terraces... 
and utter this words to myself "You should travel more often" 
blow a kiss on the wind.

To see a once just a postcard thing and to unleash the mighty caver in me. To taste the famous pinikpikan and to taste other Sagada’s delight.  The Falls, the adventure, dead tired with a smile, the stories to share and happy thoughts. The epic top loading and to see Mountain Province (Bontoc) view deck, panoramic view.  It is also the month when we had our Laboratory outing and for the first time I tag along.



I only realized that May was a jam-packed month while doing the collage.  My cousins made a vacation here in Manila, so we have to stroll them around.  We took them to Manila Ocean Park only to find out that it is not enjoyable, it is so tiring and didn’t find any jaw dropping moment at all.   On one of my off duty I took the kids to Lamesa Eco Park for them to experience swimming pool (chlorine style) and compare their swimming pool (spring style) in the province.  They grew up in our province where beach (our “baybay”), rivers and spring is just a walk away, you just have to choose where you want to take a bath. We also took them to Manila zoo and made a comeback after being over with school field trip. The kids in them and the remnants of childishness, I will forever be a kid at heart. Their favorite is the QCMC and their hatest is Divisoria.  Jam-packed because while I am rushing them to experience Manila, I am also squeezing in the social meet up and gatherings I had to attend in my off duties.  The bridal shower of Ma’am Jean, Highschool Reunion, thanksgiving party of my dear friend Jether for graduating in Med. School with coffee talks and pressing comments and insights in my social network world in between those events.


French Class and classmates as a new found friends…

Tuesday and Thursday coffee talks and chismisan Venti style…

The Makati rain, the floods of Jupiter Street, Makati and MRT rush…                 (the yellow umbrella bought at 7/11 and the tales that lies beneath)

Discovering rice coffee and a coffee shop by the art galleries…


to be continued…..