mythrstythoughts is a blog with no specific subject, everything that had been posted here is random.  Random thoughts, random  events, random experience. All are product of my spontaneity.  Mostly about travel and sentiments.


If i’m out and not pressing words maybe i’m on duty busy and stuck over the microscope looking for things cannot be seen by the naked eye or catching the next ride drifting off from a usual routine.  In between, I read books (mostly non fiction), tweets, chasing news, catching the latest in showbiz, sitting over coffee and contemplating, dating the internet (reading blogs) or just squeezing in myself to the life of my family and friends.

the why’s:

  • to keep memorize alive I write them down, so when Alzheimer’s kick in and ruin my software I have this tangible thing to hold on.
  • I know that when my body gets tired and rocking chair will be the only comfort place, life wouldn’t be boring because I live my days to the fullest and walk through it curiously.
  • at the end of the day, emotions are the slaves of our thoughts, we are enslaved by our thoughts and slavery is the name of the game..
  • will spend the rest of the days…eat…pray…travel…seek…stumble…and contemplate…

let me update you and be my friend;                    


contact me:   merielizza_metiong26@yahoo.com


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