Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

In aura purple indicate spiritual thoughts, it is not a strong point according to this link but it indicate right reasoning, higher purpose, being right and spiritual awareness. Well, I just want to share, don’t ask me your aura I don’t know how to read, Madame Auring haven’t hand me down her super powers yet.  Anyway, purple is a combination of red and blue (if my memory of color wheel feeds me right) and a favorite color of many. It is said that purple was a favorite color of Cleopatra while Leonardo da Vinci believed meditating in a lavender or purple-colored light was improved by a factor of 10.

Purple represents nobility, abundance, and dignity. It is very soothing and calming and is often related to intuition and spirituality.

That’s my fair share of purple, I know you own something purple.

This has been liza and her thirsty thoughts dreaming of a purple hair for the future.