Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside this boxes are once valued things that went faded as time  goes by, things that once precious but upon the arrival of new possession was left unnoticed.  This are old clothes, toys, foot wears, school supplies, etc.  Boxes that we carry via Philippine National Railway all the way to a small island in Albay,  Bicol to give them a new life, to regain their value and to make them useful again.

Charity box

There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well.
They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste.
When I see people throwing away things that we could use. -Mother Teresa




The Medtechs are out!

Everybody deserves a break, especially those who work so hard.  I don’t know the degree of stress that we have at work but there were times that we’ll just knock down at bed like a dead person from a 8 hours of work, 3 hours travel plus the unpaid overtime that we can’t even afford to dream about our prince to be.  This maybe the reason a lot of us do other things like photography, one is into make-up, others is into sports and a lot of us is into travel.  We always makes time to unwind, we always makes time to break away from Laboratory  works and meet other people other than patients.  This time, people from Clinical Microscopy section (the one that handles stool, urine and other body fluids exams) escape to Batangas!!!

Marela and yours truly handled the main part of the planning, budgeting and marketing but of course with the help of each one of us.  We are 29 and down to 26 before the day of the event, it was not easy but it was very fulfilling.  There are a lot of things to consider-division of labor, the type of food that they eat and a lot more. Plus, that there will be  hassles and last-minute unexpected decision, so brainstorming is very important when you are travelling with a big group, you have to consult all the moves you will be doing.  Another thing is you have to confirm all the transaction before the day of the event, the group, the place and the transportation or else everything will be ruined.  Thanks goodness to Shelly’s friend for saving us from distress about the Van.

After looking and vigorously researching for the place we finally find the right place; 

Tierra Salva Lakeview Resort in Tanauan Batangas 

✓      Cost :                12,500php for 15 persons plus 500php for the exceeding person

✓      Location:        just one and a half hours from Ortigas

(Purok 5, Barangay Gonzales, Tanauan, Batangas, Philippines)

✓  Facilities:           It was a rest house kind of place, very homey, the Taal lake is overlooking and all the cooking needs are all available-utensils, cooking ware, stove etc.  You won’t have the hassle of bringing plates, glasses and the like.

For more information you can call the owner at this number: 0917 832 8472

This is how we enjoyed the one day escape from work

The pool is so beautiful especially at night with its color and it is only 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet high.  The size is just right to have bond with each other and enjoy the whole day.
Some of us were from night duty and went straight to unwind, so some need to sleep to energize their spirit.  Some are just addicted to what else videoke, who will not sing when there is a microphone, no one especially on our group.  This is what we love most among the facilities-unlimited videoke for the our long list of songs. Yipee!



You can also be sporty, sporty and play volleyball or stretch your arms and kayak away from the resort and enjoy the mountainous scenery.
Its been years since the last time I touch a volleyball and it was my first time to kayak, it was awesome.

My favorite thing to do when in vacation is drink coffee while staring at the nature, listening to my favorite songs and thinking things through.

I am so thankful that all went well despite the hassles and last minute changes.  Thankful also that we came back to work safe and happy.  It was also great to see them do things for the first time like see them cook, prepare and wash dishes.  I am very thankful that I got to know them more than being a colleague. I am happy that we had great pictures and memories to laugh out at when work become stressful.

Until the next outing guys!!!!

photo credit: Boh Daniel photography

The idea has been residing on our minds for so long, long enough to almost left it their unnoticed, long enough to almost forget about it and focused on out miseries, self-centered misery.  Until, one late night, minutes before the day changes to another day I received this text message “tsang, travel for a cause tayo”, I don’t know if she’s in front of the computer reading blogs, watching a true to life documentary or just can’t sleep thinking about her social responsibilty, inspired by  “Panatang Makabayan”.  The t ext message was from Crystal, a fellow 7/11 sessionista, an alter ego of my itchy feet.  My reply was a full pack adrenaline “yes” of course I agreed its in my bucketlist, but I know this not just fulfilling before midlife life crisis bucketlist, this is something, I know this is gonna be something. After thinking of where to travel with school supplies on our back, we decided to do it one hometown at a time and the first set will goes to Marela’s hometown Bicol, besides we’re craving for Laing.  Ohhh Laing (my taste buds are screaming)!!!!

For more information you can visit Crystal’s post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Life passes so swiftly that sometimes we didn’t notice that life has becoming shorter and shorter everyday.   There goes the saying make the most in what we do, laugh as if your last, eat like no tomorrow and many more.  And, as we collect memories (not just pictures) but by pictures so when Alzheimer kick in our system there are tangible things to look in, don’t hesitate.  Never let the memories just fleet away, take PHOTO.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

We are all made from a creation and from His creation we create–ideas, dreams, something, future and a lot more.  We struggle to create and there are who struggle a lot harder than we do which make life a challenge, which makes life exciting.  And, from the challenge and the excitement we create an adventure, a meaningful life.

To the people who’s challenges remain unchanged for the longest time, hold on.

To the children who are creating their dream, make it big.

And, to all who never get tired of ideas and thoughts, let’s wrap around hands.

still keeping posted

It’s been ages (I thought) since the last time I updated, call it me being “MIA” as in missing in action.  Nine long days of leave, then work the whole week with off duties still being busy and got really serious with the five days intensive seminar. Really serious?! whoooh?!!!  Finally I’m back safe but not so sure if still sane.

Ok, let me start my story with the second installment of my vacation leave, It was a long nine days leave.   My aunt was coming home after being “MIA” also for 4 years and busy beating the cold winters and aloneness in the far away land, working overseas, so it was good or should I say lucky enough to be given a long nine days leave.  Special acknowledgement goes to Ma’am Isthel.  Where did we spent it, of course, wherelse, to where we all were born, to where they all grew up, to where life is simple, to where there is no buzzling and hustling noise,  to our beautiful not so well known unless you mention about “aswang”, “barang”, “kulam” and many other creepy things which I for myself didn’t experience any.  To where else –Antique.  The real plan was to spent days there and days in Boracay but apparently there are slight changes with the itinerary and just decided, without further discussion, to ditch Boracay and spend the whole vacation roaming around, lying down and do the usual thing. Let me show you some clips and see for your self if we made the right turn of plans.

Although waves are not as good as what Baler has but it was enough for me to just hear the sound as it throws us back to the shore

this is how simple life is there

this is farmville

it’s marble! that is how rich Libertad is…so I say “stop to irresponsible mining” 

even birds love to paddle and bike around

chilling down! presenting my cousins

lying down/taking a nap

But unfortunately there are some who are not that so lucky like;

lens catch this one even if we’re all laughing out so hard

vacation is not all the time pleasure; someone needs to do his KUMON

crying bonchi

some had to be killed

that’s for now but hopefully be able to share more in the coming days.



This is liza keeping myself posted how simple life is and missing downtime days back in the province and missing my little cousins a lot more.