The idea has been residing on our minds for so long, long enough to almost left it their unnoticed, long enough to almost forget about it and focused on out miseries, self-centered misery.  Until, one late night, minutes before the day changes to another day I received this text message “tsang, travel for a cause tayo”, I don’t know if she’s in front of the computer reading blogs, watching a true to life documentary or just can’t sleep thinking about her social responsibilty, inspired by  “Panatang Makabayan”.  The t ext message was from Crystal, a fellow 7/11 sessionista, an alter ego of my itchy feet.  My reply was a full pack adrenaline “yes” of course I agreed its in my bucketlist, but I know this not just fulfilling before midlife life crisis bucketlist, this is something, I know this is gonna be something. After thinking of where to travel with school supplies on our back, we decided to do it one hometown at a time and the first set will goes to Marela’s hometown Bicol, besides we’re craving for Laing.  Ohhh Laing (my taste buds are screaming)!!!!

For more information you can visit Crystal’s post.


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