still keeping posted

It’s been ages (I thought) since the last time I updated, call it me being “MIA” as in missing in action.  Nine long days of leave, then work the whole week with off duties still being busy and got really serious with the five days intensive seminar. Really serious?! whoooh?!!!  Finally I’m back safe but not so sure if still sane.

Ok, let me start my story with the second installment of my vacation leave, It was a long nine days leave.   My aunt was coming home after being “MIA” also for 4 years and busy beating the cold winters and aloneness in the far away land, working overseas, so it was good or should I say lucky enough to be given a long nine days leave.  Special acknowledgement goes to Ma’am Isthel.  Where did we spent it, of course, wherelse, to where we all were born, to where they all grew up, to where life is simple, to where there is no buzzling and hustling noise,  to our beautiful not so well known unless you mention about “aswang”, “barang”, “kulam” and many other creepy things which I for myself didn’t experience any.  To where else –Antique.  The real plan was to spent days there and days in Boracay but apparently there are slight changes with the itinerary and just decided, without further discussion, to ditch Boracay and spend the whole vacation roaming around, lying down and do the usual thing. Let me show you some clips and see for your self if we made the right turn of plans.

Although waves are not as good as what Baler has but it was enough for me to just hear the sound as it throws us back to the shore

this is how simple life is there

this is farmville

it’s marble! that is how rich Libertad is…so I say “stop to irresponsible mining” 

even birds love to paddle and bike around

chilling down! presenting my cousins

lying down/taking a nap

But unfortunately there are some who are not that so lucky like;

lens catch this one even if we’re all laughing out so hard

vacation is not all the time pleasure; someone needs to do his KUMON

crying bonchi

some had to be killed

that’s for now but hopefully be able to share more in the coming days.



This is liza keeping myself posted how simple life is and missing downtime days back in the province and missing my little cousins a lot more.