Good Friday: Lord Jesus, crucified.

Lord Jesus, crucified.

 Have mercy on us. 

O thou Mother: font of love! Touch my spirit from above, Make my heart with thine accord.

Photos were taken at Calvary Hills, Iguig, Cagayan Valley.  
The Religious site is now considered as the Mount Calvary of the Far East.  Initiated by Rev. Fr. Rogelio Cortez and constructed in 1982.  The Calvary Hills is located in a sprawling four hectares of rolling hills overlooking the Cagayan River which resembles the Jordan River.  This site features the 14 Station of the Cross and larger than life-size concrete statues depicted Jesus Christ suffering before his death at Mount Calvary and likewise the Giant statue of the Resurretion.  
This is now considered a Major Pilgrimage tour destination.


“When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’” (John 19:26-27)

Stations are also places where people take time to think and reflect about transformation, sacrifice and love.  To reflect that even is we fall more than thrice what matter is getting up and moving on. That there will be someone who will be more than willing to help along the way of our own calvary and at the end of the day there will be someone who will grief for us  and comfort us.



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