Dear; Baler (a love letter)

Dear; Baler

Hello there.  Hows the waves, the current, the people (with the abs) and the falls?  I just write to say that I terribly miss the place and how I was being serenaded by the sound of your awesome, awesome waves.  A sound uniquely yours. The feeling that I was belong unanchored is one of the reason why I am  struck in front of the computer, sipping the 3 in 1 coffee, browsing my facebook account photos section while remembering the funny, not so funny and the fun, fun adventures I had.  Your dramatic beaches.  The sea breeze.  The striking colors of your sunrise and the emotions, so inviting  and makes me want to comeback again and again.  I’m remembering my visit when the rain keeps falling down like tiny needle stitching our skin but doesn’t matter because there is a perfect scenic view in the background. 
My first ride in the surf board will always be special, the first ride that made me stoked until ( I think) forever.  That feeling that made me so hooked to a sport after being a complete indifferent stranger to anything that requires a lot of stamina.  That made me accept the fact I deserved the 1.25 grade I got from my swimming subject during my college years, a not so distant past but need to relearn the skill and I still need to believe that I can save myself when the waves tries to drown me.
I will be back soon, I promise I just need to do a lot of partying because its December you know the holiday season.  Just promise me to be a little nice and let the way to the falls passable for us, please no more strong current and floods on the way and landslide, please!  Don’t worry about the zigzags I love those and the rough roads I’m used to it.  I just want to have a glimpse of your other assets–the Big Falls and the Caunayan Falls, I heard a lot of stories about those and wants to have my own share.
The place is very perfect for cutting down the recovery time of moving on, just like what my friend’s intentions when I dragged her there.  Perfect for adventure and also perfect to have a down time napping and relaxing.  Perfect place to think things through.  I will be back to gallop again with life and take a plunge and think things thoroughly. 
Sealed with a kiss,                                                                                                                                 Liza

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