2nd of December post: Rainy Friday freaky

Rainy Friday freaky

It was freakingly hot, I can’t even push myself to go out and run errands nor attend the 46th PAMET annual convention and suddenly when I’m about to leave the house the (heavy) rain poured down.  And what comes after the rain-traffic.  The traffic and the rain and the thought that I was so “malas” (unfortunate) or should I say I was so lazy and that it is the price I have to pay but that gives me time to wander about 2011, the christmas and the upcoming 2012.  The rain, the traffic and the little kids on the road on their way home who are unfortunate or fortunate to get struck under the rain and left with no choice but to hurdle the floods and the rain to be able to go home while holding and protecting their books and other school stuff while enjoying the rain without worrying about illnesses they might catch and other things to worry about.  Their innocence that radiates from within giving them positive aura.  The childhood things we left upon entering adolescence, upon starting with proving all about maturity.  The childhood stuff we sometimes snitch for the sake of remembering and sometimes for therapy. 
Christmas is coming , 2012 is next after…So much to look forward to and so much memories to cling for.

What’s new with me? I bought a notebook instead of a planner for the coming year and a snow is pouring down on my blog.

Acknowledgement: Toni France for his photo




2 thoughts on “2nd of December post: Rainy Friday freaky

  1. omg chang. this definetely cheered me up. sobrang nkkatouch. love you so much. kung alam mo lng how much i miss you and our coffee talk.. wishing id see you soon mwahhh

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