The Baler, Aurora and other things

The Baler, Aurora and other things

It was raining, it was a long weekend, I was on a leave and a friend is in some struggle.  Everything is perfect except for the weather and the funds we have in our savings, as always.  Living our life without the inhibitions we still go.  The sweet escape started with more than an hour of waiting for my friend with raindrops in the background, a drop by to my friends house for the underwater camera and starting the plan along the way.

We arrived at Cabanatuan around 2am, the D-liner bus is full, the Van bound to Baler had just left minutes ago after we arrived, we have no choice but to wait for the other passengers to arrived to make the Van almost full.  While waiting we drink coffee first  to boost some adrenaline and being not a fan of boredom we found our selves blurting out some karaoke hits with total strangers as our audience.  They even drop there 5 pesos coins for the little entertainment and also willing to pay for another cup of coffee.  I was so lucky to tow a pretty friend.  They even thought we were singing in a band, a lifetime dream that ended in a karaoke bar.  At the end of all the shameful acts we did, when other passengers already arrived we keep uttering to our self that they’re not gonna see us again and we’re not gonna see them again or if that happen they’re not gonna remember what we did.  Sorry we don’t have pictures to prove that dream happened in one night and fades after, we deleted it to not further discuss the details.  The memories will forever be cherished.

En route to  Baler…

We doze off to sleep to help the caffeine we load at the Terminal.  I was awaken by the superb driver of the Van when he ask if we want to eat “lugaw”, nobody answers and I was in “deadma” mode also and back to my 360 spinning head power nap.  From time to time I am still awaken by the roads, I was like keep on handing down my hands (in silence and action less) to driver of the van, I was so amazed how smooth he drives and how he safely change gears and take turns to all the sharp curves and steep roads.  Filipino drivers are very much comparable so as our roads.  Taxes where are they?

The landslide

“Oh, Baler na tayo”  this is what the driver said after surpassing that landslide and we smiled the sweetest we can give for a rainy drive over the mountains.  We are a bit nervous because everybody stops–private vehicles, Genesis Bus their Joy Bus and also the d-liner that we’re supposed to ride.

Other pictures we’re taken on our way back to Cabanatuan.  Courtesy of Pen Caballero and her full charge energy pack.


"define rough roads"

"bridge number one"

"bridge number two and the rains"

reality check "life is perfect behind the imperfections"

big "C" as in curve

"bridge number three"

"S" as in sharp curve

"Z" as in zigzag

Dare to see, dare to travel or dare to drive. Dare to go on a adventure across those great distance, explore it.  Don’t forget to bring guts and adrenaline.


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