in body aches and loving it…

What did we get from the 3 days refueling?  Where we from?  Did I satisfied them with my itinerary?

What we actually wanted was a more laid back 3 days escape that eventually turn out to be an experience rather than a vacation.  Yes, the 3 days gave us severe body ache, severe rewarding body ache and left Baler with so much happy thoughts to ponder when rocking chair becomes the place of respite.

Where did the body ache come from?  

Baler is a 7 hour ride from Manila.  Zigzag and rough roads along the way.  You can take Joy bus by Genesis transit if you want a joyous trip, google it up for the fee. But what we took is a cutting trip to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija and transfer to a non aircon bus (D-liner) and aircon van (only by the name) on our way back to Manila.  Cutting trip for budget cutters.

2nd from the waves. Of course we surf.  For what for we hurdle the zigzags and rough roads going there, the no off duties and overtime just to have that three days leave if we will not dare their main asset–the waves.  Of course we did and checked for my bucketlist.  It was a one hour begginer lesson (350php.)  Try it so you will know where did we got the arm ache and forget to do some stretching beforehand just like we did.  Get stoked!

with the abs, i mean the instructors

If you don’t want anymore to shell out your money for the surf board you can run and beat the waves.  We did it in the morning of our third day, our last day.  Run and meet the breaks. Dare them and have fun.

If the waves becomes a little frustrating there are other things to do that will satisfy you with a bunch of body ache and a bucket of fun.  Like, roaming around Baler and exploring their other assets.  You can ask a tricycle to tour you around.  You may ask the owner or any personnel where you are staying, where to go or research before you go on the trip.  Or follow us.  Jump at everywhere you think is a perfect backdrop.  Runaway or simply walk like a curious kid yearning for more discoveries.  Talk and ask the locals and learn things the books couldn’t feed you.  Post all the way, unleashed the cover girl in you.  Live life without inhibition.  Just like what we knew about life, it is round we are not happy all the time, value the moment and leave the city life for a while.

that is Joy, my friend minus the inhibitions

If you are thinking twice, the ache are just part of the beginner ache (talking like an expert), oh well I just think so. It is like believing that you can do better, you just have to endure the hardships of paddling and standing on the board even just for a moment, just endure the hard time for a short while. Like the many thing things in life, if you give up because the first one is sour, you’ll never get the real taste. The feeling of being lighter than the waves. The feeling of being very blessed to get acquainted with God’s majestic creation.  Will you still think twice?

Just for the making of a new profile picture, we never mind about the body ache.  And having a tale to tell, we never mind.  As always, we never mind.


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