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“For a younger person it is almost a sin—and certainly a danger—to be too much occupied with himself; but for the aging person it is a duty and a necessity to give serious attention to himself. After having lavished its light upon the world, the sun withdraws its rays in order to illumine itself”. -Carl Jung

What had happened this past few days?  I am actually planned to put on some words for this network journal of mine, but I was not able to do it. I was busy and lazy lately.  I requested for a two consecutive off and I was given a four.  Oh yeah, lucky me.  I actually wanted an out of town rest but I find myself at home, enjoying the comfort of bed and taking tour over the networks.  Those four days were spent pretty productive I must say.  I was able to clean my room, wiping the dust, sweeping the dust under the bed and remembering the good old days.  I was able to finally throw old receipts, old advisory by credit card companies, test paper from college and other trash I’ve been keeping.  I saw the old books from Little Prince, To kill a mocking bird (the books recommended to us by our high school literature teacher) to the Danielle Steel New York best seller.  I was able to read some of the old issue of youngblood (articles from opinion section of Inquire) again and this time around I was already able to relate to the subject which concerns about career, job and some 20  something dilemma-the salary and love matters and the salary. I was also able to browse the pages of my College year book one by one for the first after my four years of already working. That made me realize the many hardships of college, the joy of having an occasional happenings were such a great great thing and as my friend Pen quote, “For the people who burned me six feet underground, thank you because I know how it feels like hell”, I’m not sure the exact words but somehow like that.  I was also able to watch the ASAP’s production number after a long time which I wasn’t able to see because of Sunday duty.  It was a four days of rest and thinking things through.

After the four days off I am again at work and again overtime.  It was Tuesday.  Me and Marela wanted to watch a movie but beggars that we are and pay day is just about to come, we headed ourselves to cinema hoping that we will be able to watch by the credit cards, sadly or should I say awkwardly they only accept cash.  Laugh out loud.  We were like ahh, what do you think, its too late, ahhh miss excuse me we’ll just think about it.  Hahahaha.  Instead, we ordered coffee where credit cards are very much accepted and called our friend John to join us.  We were teasing him to treat us to Bulalo somewhere in Fairview, in Bulalo Fiesta and lucky that we are, boom, the night ended in that familiar place, and lucky me I was so near home.  I was laughing at them while they are breathing the air of Fairview, where air is much fresher than in Pasig. Its been a while since they visited Fairview, where we all first met, during college days. Where we get so close with each other.  Its been a while since we were together, actually.  I think whatever had happened is already part of the past that we have to went through, to learn and appreciate whatever part in the friendship had been left.  Bulalo still never fails. That Tuesday is also the Miss Universe day and our very own Shamcey did made us proud.  It was so vivid that Filipino crowd is the happiest audience from all walks of life.  The ambulant patients at the hospital where I am currently working can attest to it and also the votes Ms. Supsup got.

Then came September 16, my brother’s birthday.  A night of baked macaroni and pizza and a night duty as well.  Then came the next day, the from duty.  The supposed to be Book Fair day and Bagaberde night with Freestyle, failed.  I was kinda excited with the Book Fair because its been a while also since I last attended Book Fair, but kinda thinking it twice because my Salary had flown away to the bills.  I don’t know if it is blessing in disguise or it was just meant to happened, the Book Fair didn’t push through, so as the Bagaberde night.  Whatever the reason lets just keep it that way and I don’t want it to remember someday, if Alzheimer’s kick in.  That day also is the yearly UAAP Cheerdance Competition.  The show starts at 3pm, I got the invites at 2pm, bored that I am, or sad that I am I said yes.  I headed myself to Smart-Araneta Coliseum and witness the stunts.  Memories of college keep running on my mind.  It feels like a student again where life is so spontaneous and lively.  Nothing beats the spirit of UAAP.

Am I being nostalgic or just getting old?


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