the once just a postcard thing

It was first quarter of this year that we took a vacation leave on our work, went up north to take some respite from the traffic jams of the busy metro, we ride the Florida bus at 11:30 in evening at Sampaloc, Manila bound to Ifugao, Mt. Province. The original plan is the 10 pm trip but unfortunately the bus was already full so we have no choice but to ride the next trip. My friends were seated just behind the driver seat and me and another friend on the other side which is not too safe for us, plus we’ve got to see our bus and the other bus as if racing on the zigzag highway. Many things happened, so many to be cherished like the stranded part at Nueva Vizcaya, not as simple as stranded for like an hour, we were stranded for HOURS as in 3 hours or more and stop again because still the brake is not yet fixed and again for the third time and again and again, but nothing to worry we are happy adventurer so we love the mishaps.  But the hunger is of course not included which only kicked in when I already saw the food served. May I mention that in the bus aside from the four of us, the driver, his ka-relebo and a family, we were with a group of mountaineers and one of them the one my friend got to talk to has a blog that I came across with few days ago, what a very very small world. This is his blog entry and we wish especially Geh to cross paths with you again, hehehe.

engaging in some educational conversation...hmmmm

finally, we arrived...

As I said so many had happened, so many to be cherished like the many mishaps. Do you believe in “usog”? My parents grew up in the province, so I was made to believe and made me more to believe when it happened to me. As we always do furnish everything on our travel, we already looked for accommodation and reserved our rooms but when we get there the rate of the room doubled than we thought which is already out of our budget and also the price is too expensive for the location. As always we bargain but didn’t won, so we drop the reservation and look for another place. Suddenly the employees becomes strange, then I felt a sudden nausea, I become so pale and almost block out, thank Go my friend has a Chinese inhaler, I was relieved. “Usog” according to some old people happens when someone greeted you when you’re hungry, I don’t blame anyone, blame it to on me being always open for conversation.  I’m after all prone to those kind of things.

As always, be extra cautious, be extra careful. Things like could happen to anyone anywhere. Love the mishaps, that is a story that you can tell and retell over and over again.

And, finally brunch had arrived, “adobo” uniquely cook, Banaue style.

hungry much, teh?

After finishing the lunch, we shop around for souvenirs and while waiting for the tricycle that will bring us to Native Village Inn.

While roaming around the stores, there are westernian couple and the girl’s clip caught my attention and ask about it only to found out that it was just an ordinary clip. hahahahaha. That is so awkward. Blame it on my poor eyesight.



The Hotel is 9 km away from Banaue, it is located in a isolated but lovely area.  The transportation is not easy due to infrequent jeepneys and the tricycle fee is a little too pricey but you will be delighted with the place and the view and the Hotel itself.  The stay will be worth it. We rode a tricycle cost 300 if my memory feeds me right but took a jeepney and ride with the locals on our way back to Banaue, which cost 20 pesos.


the restaurant

A unique mountain lodge overlooking Banaue’s World Heritage Rice Terraces with cool, clean air at 1250 meters above sea level. The accommodation is worth 1900 php.

Contact number: +639164056743 look fot Mr. Graham Taylor


The native huts reminds me of the Tam-awan village at Baguio. The place resembles the traditional Ifugao houses and it was such an experience to have a glimpse of how to live in a Cordillera Village.

On that afternoon and left with nothing to do, we decided to walk down the mountain to see the view from above up close but failed, we gave up when we realized it so far.  Along the way there are still traditional houses , just like what the Native village Inn and Tam-awan Village is showcasing.












It was a dream come true to see personally the once just a postcard thing. The experience and the mishaps are all part of the story, the cold cold breeze, the aching muscles due to over cold cold weather are all worth it. On our way back to the town proper and riding with the locals are such a learning experience, the “nga-nga” thing, the cute little kids wearing matching jackets, the nice people of Ifugao, they will forever be remembered. This trip made me so curious about Igorot culture and made me deeply in love with Filipino culture, the culture uniquely ours. As I bid my goodbye to the fogs, as I flashed the cold water from the shower and said my last thank you to the lady who took care of us, the lady in charge of the Inn made me feel so blessed that I have this life, that I have all this chances. The Rice terraces are truly amazing, no wonder why it was once included in the seven wonders of this earth.

It was a pleasure to spent the night with the fogs. Will surely miss the cold breeze!


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