brewing on a conversation

Half of my life is spent on school to learn, to have this degree, to have something to flaunt perhaps, in some circumstances. Most of the well learned lessons were acquired in the extension classes we attended outside and my favourite is through conversation and my favourite place is coffee shop and my favourite sit mates are my opinionated, impressive friends and my two sisters—bim and ate.

I just came home from work and still wide awake because of too much coffee I drank and that much is like one grandee toffee nut coffee from cafe frenzo and one grandee brewed coffee from coffee bean and tea leaf (courtesy of a dear friend), can you imagine how too much that I can’t help but to be redundant with the word “coffee”, not to mention the two mugs I had this morning as part of my daily routine.

Laughing out loud over coffee

Well, I’m not a coffee lover and I am in Pinocchio mode. Coffee has been and always been part of my system, being the sleepy me, caffeine is so essential to keep me alive, to at least keep me look alive with the help of eyeliner of course, it goes hand and hand with my sodium, potassium and other electrolytes to keep me moving. Almost all of my friends, my extended family and many of you can relate to this because we share same love about coffee with same kind of tremors, same migraine and make same promise not to load too much acidity again and again break the promise. Caution: coffee is addictive and all too much is bad and too bad and too much are simply ecstatic.

Conversation is my favourite way of learning whether I’m the one talking or I’m the one listening, whether it be with a group, one on one or alone carefully talking on your own soundless and action less (tip: grab a magazine pretend as if reading), anyone of you who are good at it because I actually haven’t tried it yet, I’m still mastering that art in my room, wish to soon share more tips on it. Hahahahaha… If you already mastered it no worries I won’t judge you, after all, we all have bipolar tendencies at some point, in some ways. But if you can no longer comprehend my idiomatic please seek help, make an appointment with a psychiatrist, no I’m just kidding. Look for someone to talk to, make friends, if you don’t have yet better start making friends now, start being nice, start being true. When you already got, share your sentiments, tell your story for you to know that you are not different, that there are mirrors in between, that everything is normal and under control, that there are people in this world who share almost if not the same plot, same climax, that there is someone holding same script that you have. If you haven’t found one tweet me heyitsme_liza, I may not give you the best advice or may not give at all but I’m ever willing to listen just for a cup of coffee, if it is long and complicated upgrade it to venti.

Coffee is somehow like life it has its bitter sweet reality and we got to have some. Have friends and make a perfect blend. My friends, they are psychopaths, bipolar, misunderstood, weird, freak because the only normal people I know are the ones I don’t know very well.  If you feel like its weird that you are seeking too much attention, you’re not alone actually everybody does just like me and my, my blogs.




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