will write it anyway

I woke up 1pm today and realized that what happened for the last two hours of yesterday and the first six hours of today have its reasons. From the down pour of the heavy rain in the most unexpected and unwanted moment, from the blame over a complain you never thought would be a complain after all, to the most irritating people you encountered at the height of stress before ending the tireless duty. It comes in three, as I wish but the thought lingers that three consecutive things is not always and not as often as you want it and the thought that those circumstances only happens if the lucky shirt is not in the hamper waiting for the sweetest shower.

I woke up, realized, contemplates on the realization and sung a song over a cup of coffee.  Isn’t it ironic, a little too ironic and life has a funny funny ways of sneaking on us, so funny that you can only afford is laugh and accept that yes life is funny and life is laughing out loud on us, maybe because we look so funny putting all the complication when after all life is so simple as rising and setting just like what the sun does.

I started this month with a bang, I was able to travel solo after years of wanting, found a friend on my way,  attended a Leo party of my dear friend wherein after so long we are again complete in a picture perfect frame, discovered a restaurant that feature a rich heritage and in love again with words after years of abandonment. Yes, after years of nearly forgetting my passion for writing, here I am again blooming in, here I am blurting out words that cross my mind not through my big mouth but by way of letters.When Alzheimer starts to ruin my life, I’ll hold on this tangible thing that would remind me somewhere, somehow I was once thirsty of ideas. And, if death whisper to me the sweet sound of the life six feet underground will left this world story telling the life of an ordinary lost and found soul.


Few days left, august is ending , me, my sister and my friends finding a hard time proving to be the fittest among the rest. A midst the  many issues coming out personally, unintentionally among us my dear ones, my fellow finders for solace lets just keep in mind that everything is bound to happen and things shall pass, we should be happy sacrificing because for every tear we shed there is victory.

Ferdinand Marcos



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