Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat

Four hundred years ago Our Lady of Piat has arrived in Cagayan originally brought by the Dominican Fathers from Macao in 1604.  It was originally venerated in Lallo but was transferred to Piat during the start of Christianization of the Ytawes region.  Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Piat is a devotional and spiritual journey from one’s home to the Shrine of Our Lady of Piat to venerate the blessed Mother, to ask for Her intercession or to thank Her for favors received.

How to get there: One jeep ride away from Buntun Highway, Tuguegarao City

Pilgrimage Inn and Retreat Center –Centro Piat Cagayan (0917-578-4477, look for Msngr. Samuel Baculi)

St. James Church and the Calvary Hills (Iguig, Cagayan)

Conspicuous among the commuters passing along the National Highway is the small town of Iguig, the town boasts three great landmarks located in the hill. The St. James Church, the three century old well, and the Calvary, where one finds 14 life size station of the cross.  

The Religious site is now considered the Mount Calvary of the Far East.  Initiated by Rev. Rogelio Cortez and constructed in 1982.  It is located in a sprawling 4 hectares of rolling hills over looking the Cagayan River which resembles the Jordan River.  This site features the 14 stations of the cross and larger than life size concrete statues depicted Jesus Christ suffering before his death at Mount Calvary and likewise the Giant statue of Resurrection.  This is now considered a major pilgrimage destination.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao, it is one of the biggest Spanish-built church in Cagayan Valley and considered as one of the beautiful work of art in the country and the world today.


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